Custom Foam

Our Foam


Bring in your cushions no matter what shape they're in. We can dispose of your old foam or you can keep it.


Our foam is the highest quality. We wrap most of our cushions in Dacron® to ensure a long life for your cushions. We never stuff your cushions with low quality foam unless it is requested by you directly.

UB  Firm  Very Firm 
This is a low density piece of foam much like you would see in a surplus or hardware store. If used on a daily basis, it WILL break down after a few months of use.
This is a conventional medium density foam that should last about 5 years. It can be used for nearly any application.
This is a high resilient, high density foam which should last about 10 years or longer.  It is by far our best seller.  It can be used for nearly any application.  
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